Preparing for my Job interview.



Today I had a English lesson in order to prepare for telephone interview in English. I am so nervous about the Job interview. Because I am finding difficulty with making a sentence to describe what I want to say in my mind. Now, it takes me much time to construct a simple sentence.


My last job did not require English skills, so I have not have much chance to talk in English for long time. I used to be really fluent in English speaking. I could talk like a Uzi guns. That was almost ten years ago. Then I forgot all of these words that I can use to build sentences. 

In the job interview, I will need to explain why I quit the last job.


Well, It is a long story, as I wrote in this Blog a few days ago. But it would not be good enough nor the best way to explain. I will express something like this.


Since the business of what my last company was in was slowing down. And then, I thought that I will need some other job for my career.


Oh. That will be a fair reason.


I have been doing something like above for all day today. I am so tired. So, I think I need a rest. Well, I am going to go to a video shop and find something funny to watch.


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    Boris (金曜日, 20 7月 2012 07:36)

    Great info, thanks

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    サプリメント 通販 (火曜日, 12 5月 2015 22:48)